About Our Mission

Save A Heart Mission is international, humanitarian, semi-volunteer medical services organizations that seek for economically support for disadvantaged Latin-American children, irrespective of race, religion or political belief.

We are linked with the World Heart Foundation, Fundación de Corazón a Corazón Venezolana, Fundacion De Todo Corazon “Dr. Richard Gibson” in Venezuela.

Our program is based on Goodwill and Charitable Contributions of equipment, disposable supplies, pharmaceuticals and professional time.

Our Mission:

Support any initiative in providing life-saving cardiac surgical interventions focusing on eliminating preventable deaths & crippling disability among economically disadvantaged children and grown up patients in Latin America and the Caribbean who are affected by congenital and acquired heart defects.

As a major task of this Millennium: we are focusing in “diminishing the infants morbidity – mortality in the re-developing countries”

Our History
In 1999, Carlos Troconis, M.D., a dedicated pediatrician and leading pediatric cardiac surgeon with > 30 years experience in developing pediatric cardiac surgery programs; created the Save-A-Heart Foundation, it was originally based in Caracas, Venezuela as “Fundación de Corazón a Corazón”.

Where the Fundación de Corazón a Corazón” had successfully operated as a charitable-humanitarian organization, providing LIFE SAVING CARDIAC SURGERY to hundreds disadvantaged children, regardless of ability to pay.

In 2004, because the socio-political environment he moved to the Dominican Republic, where his collaboration with the local Foundations and international medical teams had progressively established a permanent Cardiac Procedures Program, initially at the Children’s Hospital of the city of Santiago and then at HOMS hospital in Santiago City and quite a few attempt at Hospital General Plaza de la Salud in Santo Domingo.
This unprecedented program has been proven successful on many different levels for all these past 8 years. On January 2008 we launched our permanent program in a brand new tertiary care facility with all state of the art technology in healthcare, the Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago (HOMS) were we left our legacy for the seeds of a progressive well established program, managed by their local personnel trained by us. Recently, Dr. Troconis returned to his native country Venezuela in spite of the actual situation, because the pressing need of thousands of children affected with cardiac diseases that are not been solved appropriately. He created a cardiac diagnosis Unit and contract services with another tertiary care facility with all state of the art technology in healthcare, in Caracas. This Center accept referrals for surgery from pediatric cardiologists in Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago as well as from throughout Caribbean basin with International Triage, LLC (www.InternationalTriage.com).

While we excel in providing care for routine and intermediate complexity level cases, our actual limitations the highly complex cases will be referred preferentially to another more developed facility within the International Triage consortium hospitals network.



We aim to save over 700-children every year through our robust, well managed cardiac surgery and cardiac interventional program.