Children who inspired us

  • Patient with NB daughter

    Child 7

    A grown up congenital heart surgery (GUCH) girl, 24 years...

  • Child 1 6m VSD, CHF, FTT

    Child 1

    Infant boy 6 months old with unsolved simple most frequent...

  • Child 2 SBE w Neuro sequelae (1)

    Child 2

    6 year old girl with a simple congenital heart defect...

  • Child 3TF waiting for surgery

    Child 3

    A teenager girl with a most frecuent cyanotic congenital heart...


    Child 4

    8 years old poor boy seeking for a surgical repair...

  • Dr._T_y_Bazile_(Haitianito)

    Child 5

    3 1/2 years old infant boy from Haiti with very...

We Care for the Undeserved Poor Kids & Young Adults with Congenital and Acquired Heart Diseases

Save-A- Heart Mission is international, humanitarian, semi-volunteer medical services organizations that seek for economically support in appropriate management, high standard manner, to those disadvantaged Latin-American children with heart defects or diseases, irrespective of race, religion or political belief.
  • Our Mission

    Support any initiative in providing life-saving cardiac surgical interventions, focusing on eliminating preventable deaths & crippling disability among economically disadvantaged...

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    To make a donation and Help us save someone special, please submit your information and contact us to the address...

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  • Recent Programs

    Moving my program to Caracas was the ONLY WAY to respond to this large, unmet, systemic need for interventional cardiology...

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